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A discovery session is where we get to chat and get to know one another to see if we are a great fit for working together and it’s also an opportunity for you to learn more about us.

During the session, we gather information about you and your business, your goals, your challenges and the results you are seeking.   

This way, we determine which of my services can help you best reach your goals.



  • Schedule a call with me and complete a short questionnaire that will tell me more about your business background  and your goals.
  • I’ll review your questions, research your business and reach out if I have any questions or concerns.
  • On the day of our Discovery Call, we will meet Via Uberconference.
  • We’ll start by discussing your business needs and goals, answering any questions you have about us along the way.
  • I’ll then let you know what services would be a great fit for you and give an overview of how I can help, our process and what the next steps are in hiring me. 
  • After our call, I’ll send an email with what we discussed, along with a proposal, followed by a contract and invoice. You are under no obligated to sign them unless you want to do business.
    *please note: a Discovery Session is not a Public Relations consultation. 
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