[FREEBIE] Dream Client Workbook: Identify Your Ideal Client


A client avatar is a detailed profile of an imagined individual that represents your ideal client. We have created a workbook to guide you in identifying your ideal client. Our Dream Client Workbook will help to understand exactly who your perfect client match, so you can connect with them genuinely. When you make an authentic connection, you are able to speak to them in their language, find out what they value, what problems they have and what are their needs. You can then determine how your business can help their lives, and offer solution that fit them.

Just as the saying goes, “You can’t please everybody”, that’s the same when it comes to working with clients. You can’t work with or market to everyone. Before you launch your next service, plan your next event, or introduce your next product, you need to know who your ideal client is so you can successfully sell to them.


Having a deep understanding of your ideal client is vital to the success of your marketing and advertising efforts, and can increase your sales and profit. The better you understand your ideal client, the better you can make that authentic connection. Know where to find them, find out what makes them tick, what influences their buying decisions, how they look for information, what problems they are having and how your business can help make life easier for them.

This is where the Dream Client Workbook comes in. Our 13-page workbook is full of questions and prompts to you determine your ideal client. After completing the workbook you should have a clear idea of who your ideal client is and have gathered enough information to help you to genuinely connect with them. The information will help you develop or revamp your marketing message, revise your brand voice including website copy, social media posts, email campaigns, client outreach and more. Use this key resource to set you up to make better decisions and strategically plan for your business.

Use our Dream Client Workbook to identify your ideal client, know where they are, and why they buy. We are offering it Free for a limited amount of downloads only!


free Dream Client Workbook.

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