End Bad Pitches! Pitch Scores with One Pitch


Quite a while ago came across One Pitch and it really helped to make pitching the easiest part of my job as a publicist! 

With OnePitch, I can upload a pitch, receive a list of relevant journalists most likely to cover your news and start pitching them immediately. OnePitch saves me time and energy that I would have spent conducting research, searching media databases, building media lists, pitching media AND following-up!

Guess what? OnePitch just got better with Pitch Scores


OnePitch Scores gives you a curated list of exactly who to pitch your news to based on how relevant and likely they are to cover it. It allows you to easily submit a pitch to a relevant list of journalists.

Here’s how it works!

1.) Submit your pitch

2.) Receive a list of journalists most likely to cover your news.

3.) View relevant articles each journalist has written related to your pitch

4.) View your Pitch Scores which analyzes how closely your pitch matches the journalist’s past articles.

5.) Download the list of relevant journalists

6.) Create a Media List and curate your list of targeted journalists you want to pitch.

7.) Track each journalist you pitch (or have pitched)


OnePitch Scores also include a list of 10 journalists best matches and the top 5 article rankings within the list of articles analyzed so you know exactly which articles matched best with your pitch.

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