Client News: Danny Simmons now a member of PMA’s African American Collections Committee


Danny Simmons has been appointed to Philadelphia Museum of Art’s African American Collections Committee. In 2001, the Philadelphia Museum of Art established the African-American Collections Committee to assist in the development of the museum’s collections. A catalog of the PMA’s holdings of work by African-Americans was a major goal of the committee and has been in the works for the past decade, offering a broad overview of the range of its holdings by African American artists. 

“It’s vitally important that major arts institutions not only make strides for greater diversity of audience exhibitions and its material arts holdings, but to also find ways to expand their work with artists and communities of color. Institutions such as The PMA can take the lead in setting the tone for diversity in the Arts within a city.” says Simmons. He adds “I’m happy to be a member of the African American Collections Committee of the Philadelphia Museum of Art.  I’d like to do whatever I can to help increase the holdings and exhibitions of artists of color and help to bring a greater diversity to their audience and membership.” 

Simmons is a renowned painter of abstract-expressionist works which can be seen all over the world and in such prominent establishments as The Smithsonian, Chase Manhattan Bank, the United Nations and more. His work is highly respected within the art world and he has become extremely collectible. He is also a noted collector of contemporary and African art and often travels his collection to museums and universities nationwide. 

He is the founder of Rush Arts Philly, a community-driven art space that provides opportunities to both local artists and curators, focused on community revitalization and relevance to the people of the surrounding neighborhoods, and arts-based educational opportunities for local youth who can benefit from them the most.  Danny Simmons co-founded the Rush Philanthropic Arts Foundation (RPAF), along with his brothers, Russell Simmons and Joseph “Rev Run” Simmons. For more than two decades RPAF provided under-served inner-city youth in New York City with significant exposure to the arts, as well as developed and supported under-represented artists through two New York City galleries.  On April 26, 2019, he will bring the Def Poetry Jam Reunion to Philadelphia Art Museum as part of their Finally Fridays series, showcasing a dynamic group of internationally acclaimed poets and spoken word artists. 

For more information on Danny Simmons and Rush Arts Philly, please visit: https://rushphilanthropic.org/rush-arts-philadelphia/

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