Best Time to Send a Pitch To the Media

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As a publicist, pitching to the media is thee most important part of my job. It’s vital for any Public Relations Campaign or PR Strategy. I’m sending emails to journalists on a regular basis, pitching stories to get my clients covered by the press.

Just think about the amount of email a journalist receives per day, or even per hour. Their email boxes are likely overflowing with pitches.

It’s important to not only have a great pitch. Want to ensure your pitch is at the top of their inbox at the right time, and on the best days of the week?

Below are some of my best tips to cut through the clutter and get your email opened!

Keep it Short, Sweet and On Point!

Make sure your pitch is up to par. The subject of your email must be catchy and should include dates if necessary. Your pitch has to be short, something that catches the journalist’s attention and gives them the details they need to know in a matter of seconds.

The Earlier The Better

My favorite time to email journalists is first thing in the morning, especially if it would be an ideal time that they are checking their inbox. The earlier, the better. I usually won’t email a journalist if it’s later than lunch.

Best Days of The Week

Tuesdays through Thursdays are the best days of the week to pitch stories. Be sure to build a relationship with the journalist so you know when is the best day to pitch.

Long Story Short

Make sure your pitch is up to par, on point and to the point! Try to send your pitch email before lunch on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays to increase your chance of your pitch not only being opened, but also resulting in a reply.

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