The Top Ten Must Join Facebook Groups for Publicists!


We love Facebook Groups!

As a publicist, Facebook provides extreme value for your business! Network with others, share your expertise, establish yourself as an expert and attract new clients.  One way to do this is by finding and joining Facebook groups geared towards publicists.

Facebook groups double as supportive communities and make it easy to find my tribe of peers in addition to potential clients. Engagement in groups has driven a lot of traffic to my website and increased the success of my email campaigns. 

There are times I need advice or have a question about something in the industry and the first place to go is one of our coveted Facebook groups. Sometimes we even get a response to our questions… instantly! We share our expertise, news, wins and losses in these same groups. 

Below are our favorite FREE Facebook groups for Publicists: 


Respect The Publicist

Respect the Publicist aka RTP is a group that is dedicated to the aspiring, new and established male and female publicists.  This group truly serves as a resource with  community full of engaging, knowledgeable helpful members, who not only share resources but wholeheartedly support each other.  A safe place to ask questions, get advice.  The goal is to change the face of what people see as the Publicist and truly create the foundation to “Respect The Publicist”.


Women in PR

As the name states, Women in PR is a facebook group for the Female Public Relations Industry.  Great resource for webinars, trainings, memberships, media lists and industry events.  Ask anything PR Related in this group and get a straight to the point answer.  Full of experienced PR professionals, who are happy to give advice.


Get The Scoop

Sponsored by Kennedy Robinson PR, GTS is the go to group for all things DIY PR and Social Media! The group focuses on educating Small Business Owners, Entrepreneurs and Community Organizations on social media strategies, publicity tips and tricks, and more to help you succeed in business! Network with fellow entrepreneurs, discuss your current projects, ask for business advice, or just share your wins and losses!


Covered Press – Publicists + Journalists

Covered Press is a group aim for experienced publicists and journalists can connect, share ideas, and support each other in their story telling efforts. The group was designed to be a place where journalists can easily find sources for stories they’re working on.

Profitable PR Pros

Profitable PR Pros is a community for entrepreneurs who want to learn how to launch, grow, and scale a profitable PR & social media agency. A place where agency owners, freelancers, publicists, and social media managers can build relationships with other like-minded folks.

Black Media

A great group for publicists to connect with journalists.  Black Media is an engaging group for people of color in media including writers, reporters, journalists, bloggers, hosts, on air personalities, editors and correspondents! The goal of the group is to invite POC to continue to tell their stores and write their own narratives while collaborating with other to build our black media presence!


PR Connect

PR Connect is the publicist’s corner for PR Pro’s to announce events and projects and support others.  You can find information on happenings in this group, share your projects and more!


I Need A Publicist

Need new clients? Want to work with someone in a certain niche? Need a publicist?  The group name is exactly what it does… match publicists with potential clients. 


Hue You Know

Hue You Know… for POC in Media is a safe place to ask entertainment related questions, seek advice, posts for employment seeking and opportunities.  The group is full of Executive Producers, CO-Eps, CEOs, lawyers, accountants, directors, producers, CEOs, VPs, Artists and others!  The group covers Public Relations, Licensing, Marketing, Film, TV, and radio. You can also share projects you are working on and get support and advice.  The goal of the group is to create and foster a network that will group and continue to media as an inclusive community.


Young People in PR

Young People in Public Relations (YPPR) is a group aims to educate the up and coming young professionals in the PR Industry.  The group offers advice, guidance and even mentorship. The goal of the group is to allow young PR professionals the opportunity to work as a publicist after college so that they are better prepared and able to succeed in internships and corporate careers.

Other suggestions for groups to join:

  • Publicists Groups Local to Your City (i.e. – Philly Publicist Group, NY Publicists, Publicists in LA, etc)
  • Join a Local Group for Bloggers and/or Influencers in your city – easy way to connect, find blogger events and stories they are working on.
  • Join the local Association of Black Journalists in your city – an invaluable resource.  You can usually find, connect and network with those from nearly every publication in your city.
  • Join groups that are within your niche so you can share your expertise – No matter what your PR niche, find the groups on FB that serve your target market.  Join the group, share your expertise, help others to attract clients!

Did I forget a great group? What’s your favorite group? Have your own group that you want to share? Drop it in the comments! I’ll review it and maybe even add it to this list!


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