4 Ways PR Can Grow Your Business


Public Relations is one of the most of the most budget-friendly options for small businesses to get people talking about what they do and who they are, even more so than advertising.  Many entrepreneurs are unaware of the role that PR plays for boosting their business and is an incredibly valuable tool.

PR may be the spark you need to get your small business of the ground.

Here are some ways that Public Relations can help grow your small business:

1. Create your brand identity

Without a Public Relations Plan, you risk leaving it up someone else establish your brand identity. Utilizing social media and selecting a spokesperson for your business can raise your brand above the competition.  This includes having a business representative that can talk about your business with ease. Many small businesses have a unique story to tell, and those stories are interesting to the media.

2. Increase your Credibility

Advertising is paid self-promotion, and customers are aware of that. When you have media coverage of your product or service, it is received much differently than a traditional ad.   When someone unrelated to your company endorses a product or service, you gain credibility as the information is being presented as a recommendation or referral. With advertising, the message is clear that something is being sold. It has been proven that people are more likely to make a purchase based on an endorsement than on an advertisement. This is how your small business can get the recognition it deserves.

3. Best Value For Your Money

Public Relations is budget-friendly! PR is much more affordable than advertising and the benefits of PR outweigh the benefits of advertising. One good media story is nearly ten times the value of a paid ad.  It can garner a boost in sales, in awareness and lead to growth.

4. Build and Cultivate Your Media Relationships

Reach out and develop a relationship with the media who cover and influence your industry. Don’t just think about reporters, think about radio, print and most importantly social media influencers. The sharing of online news helps business receive even more coverage as their information reaches new audiences.  After your story has been covered, be sure to keep in touch with the writer.  Write a brief thank you email,  or send a written thank you note and share their article among your own social media networks.

There are so many obstacles and challenges facing entrepreneurs, don’t let PR be one of them. One of the biggest issues that prevent small businesses from reaching the top-level of success and generating the revenue they need to succeed is because not enough people know their company exists.  The company may suffer from lack of awareness, the business itself is great, but people need to know more about it. This is where Public Relations services come in.

This post was originally created as a guest blog post for the Black Mom Entrepreneurs website and can be found on their website titled as “4 Tips to Public Relationships“. I am an official member and an official blogger of Black Mom Entrepreneurs.public relationspr tips

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